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Kim Sheehy is an Australian singer/songwriter, best known for her appearances in the fifth and eighth seasons of the Australian version of The Voice. A prominent member of Team Delta in 2016, Kim was a graceful contender and received multiple rave reviews after placing 8th in the singing competition.

She was invited back as an Allstar in 2019 and earned herself a place on Guy Sebastian’s team. Kim wowed Australia with her emotive version of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” which has gone on to be the highest ranking song in the Australian iTunes charts from that season.  


Not one to do things conventionally in life or in music, Kim pushes the boundaries between singing and storytelling. Her skills are varied and impressive and her performances seamlessly transition from emotionally driven ballads, tender and optimistic melodies, to upbeat pop and rock. Whatever Kim sings, be it her own composition or someone else's; she has a voice that will immediately draw your attention and stop you in your tracks.


After The Voice, Kim has turned her focus to helping others. Her business “The She Collective” addresses the lack of equal gender representation in the music industry and helps women and young girls to be empowered to enter or continue into a successful and sustainable career in the Australian music industry.


Listening to Kim in one of her stunning live performances you will be wrapped up in nostalgia as Kim’s voice commands your attention. Whether performing solo, or backed up by her band, Kim’s technical skill as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, along with her ability to evoke emotion, will leave you wanting more. Kim’s music tells a story, and it’s a story you’ll want to hear.

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